Future Events

Coronavirus Update 

To comply with the latest Government advice, we are planning a limited and controlled restarting of events that will comply with a Covid-19 risk assessment of the hall that has been conducted. 


Our first post lockdown event was a Treasure Hunt on foot outside the hall around Poundbury on the 20th September.  Subject to any change in restrictions over the next few weeks, our first event in the hall is planned to take place on the 23rd October 2020.  


We will continue to monitor Government guidance and advise of any changes needed to future events to remain compliant with the latest information.  We are also aiming to reschedule as many of the 2020 Postponed events into 2021 as is possible.

2020 Events   

This table is a list of events in 2020 - unless stated otherwise the Hall opens at 7 pm for a 7:30 pm start.


When available, links to posters for individual events are to the left of this table in italic text or by clicking on the event summary in the table below.



Coronavirus Booking Arrangements

Until further notice, reservations for places on our events will have to be requested through the events booking form on this website and paid for at the event.  If, after you have reserved a place you find you are unable to attend please let us know so that your place can be offered to somebody else. 


Normally, tickets for most events can be purchased in advance about 1 month before the event from the outlets listed below, or you can simply turn up on the night and take your chance!   

  • The Events Bookings form on the 'Contact Us' page.
  • Poundbury Gardens, Peverell Avenue​, Poundbury.


For Quiz Nights however, all ticket sales will be through the events booking form on this website.


Cheques or cash only please - 

Cheques payable to 'Brownsword Events Club'.


Unsold tickets are collected from Poundbury Gardens late Thursday afternoon immediately prior to the event - after that, please use this website.

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